VC Originals

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Info Booth Handouts for Public

General Programs Information McD Site Map (English | Spanish)
Area Information  Popular Internet Links
McD Fact Sheet (English  |  Spanish)
VC Architecture / Telescope Park Info
Public Program Summaries Star Party Details

Sundial Information Handout (English  |  Spanish)
"What's Around the VC" Condensed Tri-Fold Handout
Contains info on the sundial, VC architecture,
telescope park, and MGO (radio telescope)
(small print)
"Program Descriptions" Condensed Tri-Fold Handout
Contains public programs information (times and prices) as in general handout, plus detailed public programs (day & night) descriptions (small print)
Hearing Impaired Tour: Cover Page | Panorama Page | Tour Reference | Feedback Form
Hearing Impaired SP Info (English | Spanish)

Special Viewing Nights (Preparation / Telescope Operation)

36" Manual (from Nexus Online Manuals) 36" Pointing Limits
107" SVN Preparation 82" SVN Preparation
107" SVN Typical Targets, by season 82" Pointing Limits (small)
107" Coude Tube Check 82" Pointing Limits

Star Party

Sky Visibility Chart (North Dome)
Sky Visibility Chart (South Dome)
8" Gregory Telescope Horizon Profile

Signs / Visitor Sign-In Sheets

Heliostat (Bad Weather) Exhibit "Out of Order"
Guided Tour Shuttle Visitor Sign-In Sheet | Clipboard Note
"Tonight's Programs" TP/SP Door Signs:
Please select the correct TP (Lunar or Modeling) and time at the below links:
English  |  Spanish
"Pick Up Reservations Here"
(English and Spanish)

Guided Tour

107" Safety Script with dome floor map Guided Tour Shuttle
Tube Fans Checklist (Jan-Mar) Tube Fans Checklist (Apr-Jun)
Tube Fans Checklist (Jul-Sep) Tube Fans Checklist (Oct-Dec)

Parking Permit for Mount Locke

Phone System

Phone System / Voicemail Features  
Word Phone Template - Make your own!


Daily Visitation Count Sheet for Info Desk  
SFE / Adult Education General Information Brochure Logs
Initial Contact Letter Sample FNBVC Letterhead:
PDF (print out first then print a letter on it)
Word "Stationary" File (Just start typing, then print)
Astronomical Pronunciations ParaMount ME User's Guide (4.8 MB)
(Please use short list above for general handouts)
Amphitheater Audio Cart Troubleshooting ASTC Passport Program affiliated science centers