Diagnosing problems with the Amphitheater Audio Cart

Here are some things to check if, after having hooked up the sound system, you're getting NO audio from the microphone.

1. The most common cause of no microphone audio is that the AC power adapter "brick" has come unplugged from the power strip within the cart. To get to the power strip, you'll first need to raise the mixing board to get it out of the way:

Raise it up, and plug the adapter back in. To put the board back down, just lift it up all the way, and then it will go back down:

2. Along the same lines, if there's no audio at all (from either the microphone OR the iPod), then it's likely that the amplifier power connection has become loose. The amp power connection is on the back of the amp, near the bottom center:


The following items should be checked if there's audio coming out of the speakers, but at a lower-than-expected volume.

3. The most common cause of low volume is that the "Main Output Level" switch on the back of the mixer board has been pushed in. This switch should always be in the OUT position:

4. Another cause of low (or unexpectedly high as well) volume could be the microphone receiver's (the thing with the antennae) OUT LEVEL setting is too low or too high. It should be set in the middle:

5. Low (or high and distorted) volume could also be caused by the mixer board's TRIM level (channel 1) being incorrectly set. It should also be in the middle:

6. Finally, low volume could also come from the equalizer (EQ; the thing with all the sliders on the front, above the amp) being turned off or having a loosened power cable. The power switch is a pushbutton on the front, far right of the EQ. Under #2 above, please see the picture for the EQ power connection, which is on the rear left of the EQ.

As usual, if you have any questions, please ask Kevin. There's a copy of this document in the drawer of the audio cart as well.